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Sustanon 300 Profile:

Formula: Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone, Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Decanoate

Anabolic: Androgenic Ratio: 100:100

Half-life: 16.5 days

Detection time: 3 months

Key Points:

Point 1: Sustanon is a mixed formula containing different versions of esterified testosterone. This formula is created to allow for maximum sustained release, and therefore maximum sustained effect, of testosterone.

Point 2: Due to its sustained nature, Sustanon is most often used during phases where the goal is mass and strength gain, with less emphasis on effective muscle gain.

Point 3: Sustanon's faster release rate and longer effect mean that the positive and negative effects of its use will persist for an extended period of time. Therefore, the pros and cons should be weighed before use.

Point 4: Due to its single active ingredient, many side effects can be treated with auxiliary agents.

Point 5: Sustanon may be better suited for more experienced anabolic users and athletes.

How Sustanon Is Used:

Sustanon 300 is administered by intramuscular injection through sites such as the side of the shoulder and the buttocks, which must be turned regularly to avoid excessive pain, scar tissue build-up and infection of the injection site. 

Doses of Sustanon for weight gain and athletic use are in between for male users, based on previous experience, with women being strongly discouraged due to its high androgen profile.



The main advantage of Sustanon is a sustained and maximum release of testosterone. This brings benefits such as:

  • Increased bone density
  • Increase in red blood cell content, and potentially greater aerobic capacity
  • More strength, power, and speed
  • Greater capacity and better recovery rate after intense exercise and competition


Although it can be managed with auxiliary agents such as aromatase inhibitors, SERMs, and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, some side effects are still possible with the use of Sustanon, such as:

  • Androgen-based effects, such as male pattern baldness in genetically predisposed individuals, skin problems such as acne, and virilizing effects in women
  • Estrogen-related effects, such as water and fat accumulation and retention, a gynecomastia in men and sometimes mood swings
  • Cardiovascular issues such as an enlarged heart, stiff blood vessels, high blood pressure, and increased LDL cholesterol

All of these elements must be considered before using Sustanon to ensure safe and effective use throughout your cycles.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Sustanon 300 mg/ml
Common name Sustanon

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