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Anavar 10: Uses & Popular Programs

Anavar, otherwise known as Oxandrolone for its chemical characteristics of an additional oxygen molecule added to its dihydrotestosterone base, is a popular anabolic among physique athletes. It is especially preferred by female aesthetic athletes, due to its low androgen profile and potency. 

The chemical is characterized by both the above-mentioned structure and the addition of a methyl chemical group to its c17 position, which makes oral ingestion possible and boosts anabolic potency. 

While considered as relatively mild in nature, it has shown to have a large effect on muscle protein synthesis, boosting it 4-fold. This could explain why many male users include it in their programs. 

However, while female athletes commonly use Anavar 10 mg tabs in programs designed to both boost mass and athletic capacity in strength and power, and programs aimed at retention of such augmentations, males will usually only be found including it in the latter programs, as their threshold for an anabolic stimulus would be much higher. 

Below, we look at how such individuals would use it in these programs in order, to ascertain the above-discussed benefits. 

Anavar’s Dosage & Administration For Athletic Effect

Anavar was not originally created for athletic use. Instead, it started out as a mean to treat medical issues that affected muscle mass or bone density. As such, many of the prescribed doses found are usually not what would be commonly taken by athletes or bodybuilders, who would normally be seeking a greater anabolic effect. 


For athletic or aesthetic purposes, common dosing ranges would be between 10 to 25 milligrams daily for females, with males taking anywhere from 20 to 60 milligrams daily.


As an oral anabolic, Anavar 10 would easily be taken as a tablet once or more daily as the above dosage would require. This would also normally be done on an empty stomach, to help aid the absorption of the chemical. Many prefer to split their doses into two or three daily doses in an attempt to keep levels at their peak, due to its lifespan of only 18-20 hours. 

Possible side effects

  • Cardiovascular: enlarged heart size, arterial stiffness, high cholesterol 
  • Androgenic: balding, virilizing effects in women, acne and oily skin
  • Hepatic: mild possible strain to the liver with regular use
  • Hormonal function: a reduction or shut down of endogenous testosterone manufacturing, necessitating exogenous testosterone supplementation and PCT regimes

Package 100 tablets (10 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Oxandrolone
Common name Anavar

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