FAQ's -


In order to use our ticketing system you must be logged in to your account, following which you can contact us.

Should you encounter difficulties when trying to log in or the password reset link doesn't work, we request that you create a new account ideally through the Gmail platform as this will ensure that you're able to receive all of the electronic mail we send.

Unfortunately it's not possible to contact us via any other means than the ticketing system at present.

Every time a different stage of the ordering process has been completed you will automatically receive an update via email to keep you as updated as possible every step of the way.

Simply put, your safety and satisfaction is always at the forefront of our retail experience. We only offer products that have been stringently batch tested and offer optimum efficiency for your total peace of mind in conjunction with confidential and secure shipping and payment methods.

Currently it's only possible to place orders directly via the MR-Pharmaceutical website by adding your chosen items to the shopping cart before processing payment via one of the several secure and confidential methods we have available.

We understand that some people have reservations about making online purchases. We want you to rest assured that your personal details are completely safe thanks to the high level of encryption our website uses in conjunction with it being SSL-HTTPS secure.

Most other sites don't feature such a high degree of security. This means that you've always got total peace of mind when shopping with us.

We currently ship worldwide, to all countries.

We entirely understand that you're concerned about your products being seized. The level of risk depends entirely on the country you live in. Luckily for most individuals, it's usually very low.

To assist your buying experience please observe the following risk percentages based on your location:

  • ·         Customers in Dubai, Qatar, Europe and the USA have NO risk of their products being seized
  • ·         Customers in Japan have a 15% chance that their items will be seized
  • ·         Customers in South Korea, Australia, Canada and Switzerland have a 30% chance of their items being seized
If you'd like to find out the risk of seizure in any other area of the world please raise a ticket with us and we'll be happy to assist you.

There's not currently any minimum order requirement, meaning that you can place an order of any size.

Depending on the stage your order is at, you'll see a different status displayed to rectify how near it is to shipping and completion.

The statuses are as follows:

  • ·         Awaiting payment info / pending: You still need to provide the payment information for your order
  • ·         Withdrawing money: Funds are currently being withdrawn from your chosen bank.
  • ·         Awaiting Bank Wire: We're waiting for your transferred money to reach our account
  • ·         Semi-Shipped: We've been able to send out some of your order but not all of it due to some items not being available. Should a significant number of items not be available, we'll withhold shipping until they are back in stock.
  • ·         Shipped: Your order has been shipped and you now have access to a tracking number in your account login area under the order history tab.
  • ·         Payment Information Wrong: Unfortunately, the payment information you have given us is incorrect and needs to be replaced or updated.

Don't worry. If you need to change anything after making an order then simply place a new order. This will clear any existing / old orders from your account after 10 days meaning there's no need to contact support.


We've currently got three different payment methods to choose from in order to successfully fulfill your order with us to accommodate as many people's preferences as possible.

These options are:

·         WesternUnion: This option will only be available when you spend a total of $350 or more

·         Bitcoin: This is our preferred payment method and will always guarantee the fastest and most efficient ordering process

·         MoneyGram

We don't currently offer any other payment methods.

Unfortunately we're unable to offer other payment methods at present. This is for logistics reasons and should serve to reassure you that we're a genuine steroid retailer as PayPal and card payments aren't viable when selling these products. Scammers however will usually accept them.

It's crucial that you complete the payment information form which is located in your account. If this form isn't completed we will have no way of knowing that you've made a payment to us.

WesternUnion (For Orders Of $350+):

WesternUnion takes a lot of time for us to process and is also expensive for us to use due to additional fees. This means that we lose a large percentage of the value of each order when this platform is used therefore the order amount needs to be significant in order to counteract this.

WesternUnion is an incredibly popular payment platform being used all over the world. In order to use it you simply need to access a WesternUnion pay point (you can see a list of locations online) following which you'll be able to process the payment for your order.

It's really important that you make payment within 48 hours if you decide to use WesternUnion. We constantly change our list of receivers so there's a high chance that you'll need to be sent a new list if you delay payment for longer than this period of time.

Unfortunately not. You will need to make payment in person using one of the payment points and ensure that you send funds only to one of the receivers listed on our most up to date list.

Should you attempt payment online the payment is likely to be blocked meaning you may not have the funds returned for you for a period of several days or more whilst clearance checks are performed.

Yes, it's absolutely possible for you to provide your details to a relative who can then attend a pay point and make the transaction on your behalf. It's crucial that you list the details for this relative on the payment information form prior to them sending it to us however.

This is quite a common occurrence due to being an inbuilt safety feature of the WesternUnion platform itself. Typically when a receiver has withdrawn too many funds from an account they will then be unable to access the platform for further withdrawals.

In this instance we'll update your order with a message that reads "payment information wrong." Following this an email will be sent to you with further information on what to do to rectify the issue.

Bitcoin (Our Preferred Payment Method):

Bitcoin is an increasingly popular virtual currency format that accommodates completely anonymous transactions that are both swift and immensely secure. This means that it ticks all of the boxes necessary for a hassle free transaction and will guarantee that your order is processed faster. is the most widely used and accessible location to purchase bitcoin from using a bank card. All you need to do in order to start using the site is create an account and provide your details.

When you complete your order you simply need to select Bitcoin as your preferred method of payment. You'll be provided with the correct details for our Bitcoin address during the order finalisation process.

All you need to do is ensure that you have enough Bitcoin value in your Bitcoin wallet to cover the total value of the order you have placed. Please make sure that you do not select Bitcoin CASH when processing any Bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin cash is the incorrect format to use when paying for your order. Any money / coins sent using this mode of payment will result in a total loss of funds.

Now that you've sent the funds it's really important that you fill in a payment information form (as found in your account after logging in.) If you don't fill in this form then we will have no idea that a payment has been sent to us. The form should be completed immediately after payment.

In order to fill out the form successfully please adhere to the following areas on the form:

·         Who Paid For The Order? (Please Ensure That You Use The Full Name): Simply enter the full name, including any middle names of the person making the payment.

·         Your Country: Enter the country of Nationality for the person making the payment.

·         MTCH Code Or Blockchain ID Or HASH: Simply paste the Blockchain ID or HASH into this section. If you need assistance getting either then you simply need to head to these areas:

·         If you're using a Coinbase wallet then use this information to access your ID.

·         If you're using a wallet then use this information to access your ID.

·         Exact Amount To Be Received (For Those Using Bitcoin Make Sure That You State The Precise Bitcoin Value Being Sent To Us): An example of this would be 0.04891 BTC. There's no need to write the value in dollars because we'll already know what the dollar value is anyway.

·         Which Receiver Did You Send The Funds To? (This Is Only Relevant If You're Using WesternUnion): All you need to do here is list the receiver that you sent your payment to if you used the WesternUnion payment method. If you used any other payment type then there's no need to pay any attention to this section.

·         Special Comment (This Section Is Entirely Optional): If there's anything extra that you think we should know about to assist with your payment please make us aware in this section.

We ask for this transaction ID because it helps us to quickly and easily identify exactly who sent us the payment and link it to a particular order. Usually the ID appears as a long sequence of numbers and letters an example of which is as follows:


If you're using a Coinbase wallet then watch this video in order to find out how to successfully locate your transaction HASH.

If you're using a wallet then check out this video for all of the information you need on how to find out your ID.

It's absolutely crucial that you submit the ID for your payment when filling in the payment information form so that we can link it to you and process your order faster.

Shipping & Delivery:

Due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances the world wide Covid 19 pandemic has given rise to lengthy shipping delays.

This means that the minimum time for a shipment to be officially classed as "missing" is now a period of 65 days. We are unable to reship an order that you suspect is missing unless this period of time has elapsed.

Using you can check on the status of your shipment at any time.

We're really sorry that we can't assist further within the above stated 65 day period, but please understand that this is simply due to the enormous change in worldwide shipping services under the exceptional circumstances we're all now faced with.

We completely understand that you'll want your package to be totally anonymous and untraceable. We've made sure that there's no mention of our company name, nature or what's inside the package anywhere. This leads to a discrete and confidential delivery service.